@Mail Pre-installation check

Thank you for choosing @Mail, this easy to use Web-installer will guide you through configuring the software. The installation progress is displayed with a progress bar at the top right of the page. Completed steps appear black and the current step blue. You can return to any completed step by clicking on its box in the progress bar.

For assistance during installation please consult the following guides:

Required PHP Extensions

@Mail requires the following PHP extensions to function. Please install them and continue @Mail installation.

Dependency Check failed

To proceed with the installation of @Mail you must install the missing extensions below, then reload the page to proceed. Review the installation manual for further details.

Optional PHP extensions

These are optional modules @Mail can utilize for the Webmail interface. If any are not installed @Mail can continue to run with the feature disabled.

  • Mbstring Extension - Enables UTF8 folder names for @Mail - View php info() | Mbstring Info
  • Installed - OpenSSL Extension, enables Secure IMAP and POP3 connections
  • Installed - LDAP Extension, enables @Mail to search LDAP servers
  • Installed - Iconv Extension - Provides encoding conversion between different character sets

PHP.ini Settings

The default configuration file php.ini is recommended to be set with the values below for @Mail. If settings are not as recommended you may need to change the php.ini with the values suggested below for @Mail to function correctly

  • Safe mode, recommended OFF - @Mail requires safe-mode off by default
  • Register globals, recommended OFF - This feature is recommended to be turned off for security
  • Magic quotes, recommended OFF - The magic_quotes_gpc setting must be turned off in the php.ini
  • File uploads, recommended ON - Required for attaching files to emails
  • Max Filesize Upload, recommended 16M or higher. Current value 2M. Increase for larger attachment support View php info()
  • Maximum Size of POST data, recommended 16M or higher. Current value 8M. Increase for larger attachment support View php info()